Corporate travel is an important part of many businesses. Whether it is for training, team building, conferences, presentations, or any number of other reasons, companies need to be able to get their people to a variety of places reliably and affordable. Here at 2 Go Bus, we offer great business travel options for companies in Boston and the surrounding area. We can pick you up right from your parking lot in Cambridge, Waltham, Braintree, Woburn, Medford, Quincy, Boston, and NYC.  If you need to be picked up anywhere outside these areas, just let us know and we’ll work it out with you.

Get Work Done While Traveling

One of the best things about our corporate bus charter services is that employees can get their work done while traveling. Since they won’t need to drive, they can take care of phone calls, texts, work on tablets or laptops, and much more. It is also quite common for departments or other groups to hold meetings on the bus. This is an excellent way to prepare for a presentation or other work-related event just before arriving.

No Long Airport Delays

While taking a flight might be faster for longer distance business travel needs, a charter bus is often the fastest way to get to locations throughout the region. This is because we can arrange to have a bus pick you up at the exact time you would like, and drive you directly where you need to go. When you fly commercial, you need to schedule your entire trip around the times where the flights are available. You then have to have everyone show up several hours ahead of time, and when you arrive at your destination, you need to have arrange transportation from the airport to where you are going. This can all be quite inconvenient, and can dramatically increase the cost of your business travel.

Much More Affordable

If you need to have a large group of people traveling for business, it can get quite expensive. Flying will cost tens of thousands of dollars, and renting a car for each person is quite impractical. The best option for larger groups of people is to work with us to make arrangements for corporate bus transportation. Booking one of our busses is easy, and surprisingly affordable. Another big benefit of using a bus for business travel is that compared to flying and driving, it is actually quite environmentally friendly. Having everyone comfortably travel in one bus will spread the amount of fuel needed across many people, which cuts down emissions significantly.

Travel in Comfort

Another great perk of corporate bus travel is that your employees will absolutely love it. There is simply no more comfortable and enjoyable way to travel. While a plane might be faster, their seats are anything but comfortable. When you ride on one of our busses, you’ll quickly notice the difference. Even in comparison to passenger cars or vans, our busses provide lots of legroom, seats that are wide enough for you to relax in, and much more. We even have entertainment systems on our busses to help pass the time. If you need corporate transportation, our bus services are the perfect solution for you. Contact us to discuss your exact needs and learn how we can help.